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Who we are and what we do

Online Traffic Helper Blog helps small business owners in increasing their offline as well as online sales. We have thousands of domains with almost 100,000 hits per day. The visitors we serve you come from this advertising network. We use our contextual targeting technology to give you the relevant visitors which are interested in your business.

Would you like to have 1,000's of prospects looking at your website, ready to buy product or service? If so, you're at the right place!

We know that you need visitors for a successful online business. Without traffic, there's no one to look at your website and purchase your product, signup for your service or offer. Our advertising network provides a low cost and effective online marketing solution that actually works. The internet is a vast entity and kick starting your business doesn't have to take a truckload of cash. We'll send real people to see your web site starting immediately! Whether it’s a business website, online video, mlm website, social media profile, blog, affiliate site, online store, restaurant, tech support site, or just a personal online page made for fun, we'll deliver visitors straight to your website targeted to the exact audience you wish to target.

Stop spending your time and advertising dollars fooling around with banner ad programs, free traffic exchanges, paid to surf sites, ad words, bing, yahoo and other pay per click search engines, only to see your web site's counter to move a little with no sales. Banner ads seem nice - but generally are not effective. Often, only about 1% (or less!) of the people who see a banner ad will click on it with no conversions. PPC is always a good source of advertising but most of the time you have to have a huge amount of cash in order for your business to see sales. If you don't know what you are doing online then don't expect to receive any sales on ppc. As for the other services I mentioned, well you probably already know that it never converts and most of the time these services can get you banned from major search engines.